Math Teacher

ATC is a training and  technical assistance consultant to the largest community mentoring, economic opportunity, and violence prevention programs in the United States.

What sets the ATC approach apart from others training assistance providers is our recognition that training alone is not enough to provide the transformation in performance, processes, and outcomes that organizations seek.

All of ATC’s work is based on the recognition and engagement of various practices to increase the transfer of learning – the extent to which what is learned or self-discovered in training is applied successfully on the job.

It is mission critical to our success and that of the clients we serve that we adhere to the following training protocols:
ATC engages staff in activities prior to the training that increases their excitement for the material that is being explored and the efficacy of the training.
Hiring and Vetting
ATC helps managers create effective recruitment strategies and policies for identifying culturally competent staff capable of engaging high-risk youth and young adults. We train managers in establishing parameters for new hires: creating a protocol for hiring staff with “shared life experiences.”We show organizations how to conducting “Street Background Checks”: Vetting potential candidates to evaluate integrity, credibility, and the ability to perform job functions.
ATC engages staff in needs analysis and self-assessments to ensure that trainees are ready for training and that the training meets their identified needs.
ATC supports staff in identifying and making connections with local resources that can be a source of support to them in the development journey.
ATC provides post-training coaching support to ensure that what is learned in training is applied to the work in the community. 
ATC builds staff and managers' intellectual & mental conditioning: what they need to know about themselves and how their characteristics and behaviors play a role in personal safety and professional success. We train staff and managers on planning safe community contacts: analyzing, evaluating, and managing risks before during, and after a home or community contact. We reinforce personal awareness: identifying “Internal Factors” such as, personal commitment to safety, personal bias awareness, vulnerabilities, crisis rehearsal. In addition to “External Factors,” such as, job expectations, policy restrictions and the physical environment in which work is performed.
ATC equips staff with strategies to deal with vicarious trauma and strategies to apply mental health first aid to real-life situations. We help managers put in place psychoeducational supports to assist staff and clients through the stages of change. We help managers implement wellness routines and activities to ensure the active, healthy functioning of all those engaged in the transformation process.
Working with System Partners
ATC helps frontline staff identify all system stakeholders and establish clarity of their role in the process. We train frontline staff and managers on how to effectively build and maintain social capital with all key stakeholders. Our efforts support staff and managers in developing metrics to determine the health of the partnership and its effectiveness in accomplishing the objectives of the work.
Professional Development
ATC trains frontline staff and managers on strategies for self-care and wellness. Teaching staff to identify, certify and engage in skills building and credentialing programs for long-term career success.  Strengthening staffs’ ability to understand the value of social capital and apply it for personal, client and organizational success.
Managing Change
ATC trains staff on how to create and deliver activities and experiences that generate a high degree of excitement in the change and achievement process.  We demonstrate how to engage community assets to produce positive outcomes for programs and clients alike.  We equip staff and managers with the tools and skills necessary for building strong connections to facilitate client transition and economic success.
Supervision and Accountability
ATC assists staff in internalizing their outcomes and developing realistic, measurable, and implementable plans to achieve them.  We assist staff in self-discovering the importance of supervision and ways to maximize their participation in it.  We help staff examine standards of performance and strategies ways to adopt those standards to their work in the community and beyond.
Community Social Capital
ATC trains staff and managers how to differentiate between bonding, building, and connecting social capital. We teach staff how to apply the CARTI social capital framework to help clients find jobs, entrepreneurship opportunities, educational assistance, and housing.  We train staff on using compassion-building techniques to spur personal, employer, and community investment in the development of specific target populations (at-risk youth, minorities, veterans, displaced workers, the homeless, etc.).